Mindport Musings

An ongoing meditation on the arts, sciences, education, and whatever other
ideas we’re preoccupied with at the moment, leavened with occasional
announcements of current events at Mindport.

Nipper Prints out his Wish List

“Nipper,” the RCA Victor dog, now visiting in Mindport’s gallery window, was one of the most famous advertising icons of the early 20th century. Nipper (1884-1895), born in England, served as the model for a painting by Francis… Read More

Looking Up

Winter in the Northwest is traditionally a time of clouds. Like bird watchers in the summer, we cloud watchers find our heyday during the season of storms and atmospheric ferment. In these days of economic disaster what better… Read More

“A Book About Noise”

I’ve just finished another book dealing with one of my pet gripes, noise: The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book About Noise, by Garret Keiser.  It approaches the subject from a perspective that has barely been… Read More

The Island Quilters

The latest work of The Island Quilters opens tonight in Mindport’s gallery and runs until December 31th. These three women from Lummi Island have been meeting together to share ideas and humor since 2004. Their last show in… Read More

What We’re Reading Now

Sometimes books come along that, like a wise, sympathetic, and inspiring friend, let you know you are not alone in your beliefs, preferences, or habits.  Open the cover, read a few lines, and suddenly you’re part of a… Read More

Organ Progress

Here’s the organ set up on sawhorses in my shop at home, where I construct most of my exhibits for Mindport. The cover is off the keyboard console and in the process of being varnished. On the floor,… Read More

The Waste Stream

In Cairo, Egypt, an under-recognized group called the Zaballeen have been responsible over the last hundred years or more for the city’s garbage collection. Not only do they collect from door to door, but they recycle 80 percent… Read More

The Invasion of the Mindsnatchers

I’m reading a book that gives voice to many of my own misgivings about computers and the Internet: The Shallows- What the Internet is Doing to our Brains, by Nicholas Carr. Back in 1964, Marshall McLuhan warned us… Read More

Can you hear me now?

Drop by our gallery window and view AnMorgan Curry’s latest work, this time on the subject of the cell phone revolution. Have you ever noticed how cell phones perfectly resemble the ideal skipping stone?

Photography as Meditation

What IS meditation, anyway? It’s a term bandied about, applied to many areas of endeavor, but, aside from specific forms, such as Transcendental Meditation (TM) it’s a term that has a way of floating around and lighting on… Read More