Mindport Musings

An ongoing meditation on the arts, sciences, education, and whatever other
ideas we’re preoccupied with at the moment, leavened with occasional
announcements of current events at Mindport.

Music for the Week

Thursday, October 4, 5:00 at the Pickford Film Center, Mindport Presents: The film begins at 5:00, but we’ll have some interesting sound generators to interact with before the show.  Sakamoto is a person with ears open to the… Read More

In the Gallery: Flowers

Flowers: a series of photographs welcoming and celebrating summer, by Mindport Director Kevin Jones.

In the Gallery: Three Nice Horses and a Cow

Small Wonders for the Weekend: Dry Erase Drawings that Swim

Need a simple, fun activity for the weekend?  Have a dry erase pen, a non-porous surface, and some water?  Curious about what gives dry erase pens and permanent ones their particular properties?  If so, Mindport guest blogger Ellis… Read More

One Hundred Compasses: a Video and Interview by Ellis Tschoepe

We are happy to introduce Ellis Tschoepe, a Mindport fan who was inspired to create a video and blog post based on his experiences with one of our exhibits.  Read/watch on for a neat explanation of some of… Read More

In the Gallery: Paintings by Terry Nelson (through 11/26)

Terry Nelson’s work is inspired by the natural elements of the Pacific Northwest, realistically depicted in landscapes, natural still-lifes, and botanical studies. She strives to express her love and fascination with texture, mood and atmosphere, through detailed renditions… Read More

Hope to See You at the Movies 9.29.17

Mindport is pleased to co-present Leaning Into the Wind, the opening night film of the Pickford Film Center’s Doctober, a month celebrating great documentary films.  Directed by Thomas Reidelsheimer (Rivers and Tides), Leaning into the Wind follows Goldsworthy… Read More

In the Gallery: Sun, Stone, Water

Wikipedia says, “Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color, and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.” One of my photography teachers often… Read More

New Exhibit: Standing Kaleidoscope

The idea for this exhibit sprang from another exhibit at Mindport, “Road Blocks.” In the process of creating the designs for that exhibit, then making reversed copies of the designs so that they could be arranged in blocks… Read More

Rising Tide Show Closes Sunday, February 26th

Catch these startling and beautiful photographs of some of our local coastal areas – as they appear today – and as they may appear fifty years from now if we fail to take appropriate action to address climate… Read More