Mindport Musings

An ongoing meditation on the arts, sciences, education, and whatever other
ideas we’re preoccupied with at the moment, leavened with occasional
announcements of current events at Mindport.

Learning to See: The World of Insects

Heteronutus/photo by Robert Oleman      Join Mindport’s staff for a screening of Learning to See: The World of Insects at the Pickford Film Center, Sunday, October 9th.  The film begins at 3:15, but we’ll be in the lobby… Read More

September at Mindport

It’s been a busy summer, with visitors hailing from as far as Germany and as close as the Lettered Streets. Fall brings us quieter times here, but it’s still an active month. We’d love to see you for… Read More

Vanishing Point

“Vanishing point” is a term applied to graphic images, which describes an imaginary point where all perspective lines converge. As a youngster I was intrigued with vanishing points, perhaps thinking that if I could follow, say, the highway… Read More

Color Fields

The show currently hung in Mindport’s gallery is the third group of photos I’ve shot of the evolving artwork(?) painted on the Village Point sea wall of Lummi Island.  Photographing it is a little like photographing natural erosion… Read More

Small Wonders for the Weekend: Egg in a Bottle

You may find yourself with hard-boiled eggs on hand this weekend.  If you have one to spare, we recommend this this easy and aurally satisfying science demonstration. Materials: 1 hard-boiled egg, peeled 1 clear bottle with an opening… Read More

Correspondence Club: March 19th, 10:30-12:30

We’d love for you to join us for a meeting of Mindport’s Correspondence Club*.  All are welcome to come for a couple of hours of good company and plenty of interesting supplies for making all kinds of things… Read More


Not long ago I was perusing the shelves of a nearby antique shop and came across a Tektronix oscilloscope dating back to 1964 in almost perfect condition. The price was $75. (An oscilloscope, for the non tech reader,… Read More

This week at Mindport: January 20-24th

This week we’re introducing a new exhibit – yet unnamed – by Mark Day.  Five different mechanisms that transform rotational motion to other forms of motion are housed on a rotating platform.  These mechanisms were initially developed to… Read More

Small Wonders for the (New Year’s) Weekend: Envelope the Year

2015 is coming to a close, and -if you use such a thing- your 2015 wall calendar is ready to be retired.  While the recycling bin is certainly a responsible option for such a wonderful organizational tool, making… Read More

Holiday Hours

Mindport will be closed December 24th and 25th, and January 1st.  We’ll close at 4:00 on December 31st to make sure the intrepid bikers and walkers among us get home before dark.  Warm wishes to all!