Mindport Musings

An ongoing meditation on the arts, sciences, education, and whatever other
ideas we’re preoccupied with at the moment, leavened with occasional
announcements of current events at Mindport.

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

On the island where I live, a number of young people have performed the decorations you will see represented in a collection of photos that will hang in Mindport’s gallery commencing the third week of January, 2015. The… Read More

Gallery Show: The Language of Rock

A new selection of my photos will be hanging in Mindport’s gallery for the next couple months. These images were collected on the Oregon Coast in the vicinity  of the towns of Gold Beach and Cannon Beach, where… Read More

New Exhibit: Combination Lock

As a kid I took a lot of things apart to see how they worked: clocks, radios, motors, various mechanized toys. Usually they didn’t get put back together again, but most of the time they were castoffs anyway… Read More

Currently in our Gallery

  Thao Thanh Le Bellingham’s Plein Air Artists will be showing their paintings in Mindport’s gallery September 19 through October 5th. They submitted the following statement: We paint from life in order to learn how to see. If… Read More

Automation as Golem

Early Telegraph Device, Spark Museum, Bellingham, WA I’ve been involved in electronics since an early age. I was accomplishing simple radio repairs at age 9, earned my first ham radio license at age 14, and built more than… Read More


Exhibit at the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention, Bellingham,  WA The idea of integrating art and science is one I re-examine periodically. Lately in the news I’ve noticed the frequent advocation of STEM teaching in the schools, the… Read More

New Exhibit-“Road Blocks”

For a long time I’ve been contemplating how I might build a sort-of modular do-it-yourself art exhibit, involve a matrix of squares designed to fit together visually in such a way as to generate interesting compositions no matter… Read More

Summer Writing Workshop at Mindport!

We are excited to announce a new addition to our summertime educational offerings: a week-long writing intensive with New York-based journalist and writer Whitney Wimbish. This workshop is a chance for six women to practice the kind of… Read More


One of Mindport’s least-noticed exhibits, but one with perhaps the strongest metaphoric message is the one pictured to the left, “Interdependence.” It’s never surprised me that this exhibit doesn’t get much attention. For one thing its interactive aspects… Read More

Riding the Rails

Railroad, Kenya, Africa, 1964 Even though coal trains and oil trains are currently giving trains a bad name, particularly for the young, my own emotional associations with them still attract my photographic eye. Trains, despite current and past… Read More