Group Visit Guidelines

Mindport welcomes groups of all ages and abilities. We appreciate your consideration in following these guidelines in an effort to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

1.  Call or email ahead of time to schedule your visit. Groups are scheduled with starting times between the first half hour after opening and the hour before closing. We reserve times on a first come, first served basis to avoid overlapping groups. We limit group size, especially during high attendance times.
Phone: 360-647-5614

2.  Establish a payment plan when making your reservation. Payment is due at the beginning of the visit.  We accept cash, credit cards and checks. Admission is $3 per person.

3.  If you have never been to Mindport, please arrange to visit ahead of time to insure Mindport is an appropriate choice for your group. This visit is free for group leaders.

4.  Please come at your scheduled time, not early – and give us a call if you are running late. Contact us if your schedule needs to change.

5.  Have a good ratio of adults to young people:

Under age 5, 1 adult – 1 child
Elementary age, 1 adult – 4 children
Age 11 and over, 1 adult – 6 youths

If you are bringing people with special needs, the ratio of staff/chaperones will need to be adjusted accordingly.  Staff/chaperones are expected to thoughtfully attend to the people they are supervising.

6.  Have a plan for how to handle your whole group should an individual(s) become ill, injured, or so disruptive that departure is required.

7.  We have only 3 rules:

  1.  Be respectful and interact gently with the exhibits.
    2.  Walk
    3.  Use inside voices

Thank You! We look forward to your visit.