Graphic Design

Graphic design is a field that has interested me for years. I first became conscious of its effect on me in my twenties, when I began to notice that I was buying quite a few books that I… Read More

Contrast: A Look at Silence

 I know, I’ve written quite a few entries here on the subject of noise, but I’ve neglected to comment on its opposite, so please indulge me in one more reading suggestion: In Pursuit of Silence, Listening for Meaning… Read More

Sound Recommendations

I imagine most visitors to this blog have spent at least a little time looking at webcams around the world. There are thousands of them these days, pointed at everything from beautiful ocean or mountain scenes, to private… Read More

Exhibit updates: Sonoluce, Theremin and Rhythmo

Remember Sonoluce, with the spinning lights dancing to music? Through a chain of associations, it occurred to me that if I added a theremin to the input of Sonoluce, then visitors could control the light patterns directly by… Read More