Small Wonders for the Weekend: Pressed Leaves

A few years ago, a woman I’d been working with for a few months but hadn’t gotten to know well, opened her Russian-English dictionary to find a word, and out fluttered small, pressed, purple flowers. Pages later there… Read More

Small Wonders for the Weekend: Party Trick

Do classic science demonstrations also make good party tricks? I suppose it depends upon the party, but I’m inclined to say yes. What party wouldn’t benefit from a little play and a little magic (otherwise known as physics)?… Read More

This Week at/around Mindport

Join us for a screening of the documentary Raise the Roof, at the Pickford Cinema, Thursday, October 22.  There will be light refreshments at 5:30, followed by the film at 6:30, and a twenty-minute Q & A afterwards,… Read More

Small Wonders for the Weekend: Quick Books

  Some days I end up needing a little break from consuming content, and want to create some instead – a chance to attend to some thoughts for myself or capture a few to share with a friend… Read More

Small Wonders for the Weekend: Bubble Prints

Over the last year, I’ve had the good fortune to meet weekly with a young person who likes nothing more than to play, experiment, build things, and continuously, and often rather messily, extend the limits of any given… Read More