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kgj-at-benchFor a long time, I’ve expended a great deal of energy in a quest to clarify my relationship to the disciplines of science and art. I love both, but had the feeling that they must be incompatible; that I should somehow make a choice between the two. After years of grinding my wheels on the subject, it finally became clear to me what now seems obvious:

Each discipline is simply a different way of understanding reality, and both views are equally legitimate, necessary, and important.

In fact, an individual or society that does not learn to balance these two modes of understanding is probably doomed to a less-than-satisfactory existence.

For me MINDPORT is, among other things, both a laboratory and a gallery where I explore this intriguing process of balancing the analytical, intellectual and rational, against the playful, imaginative and artistic.

The message here is my wish that our society as a whole might begin to relinquish its death grip on control-oriented technological rationality, in favor of a view which equally values art, spontaneity, and imagination. Failing that, I at least hope that MINDPORT’s visitors absorb something of the spirit of fun which has motivated the creation of our exhibits.

If the ideas which lead me to participate in the creation of MINDPORT interest you, please take a look at the material below. Be forewarned that it’s not necessarily light reading. But I welcome questions, dialogue, or whatever, on this subject, or any other.

I’ll be adding to this page from time to time, so please check back again. Please email me at: kevinmp1[at]


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