Mindport Musings

An ongoing meditation on the arts, sciences, education, and whatever other
ideas we’re preoccupied with at the moment, leavened with occasional
announcements of current events at Mindport.

Mindport Closed

    Mindport is closed for the time being due to COVID-19.  We will update our website, phone message, and social media accounts with additional information as we have it.  Thank you!   March’s meeting of Correspondence Club… Read More

March Events: Polar Bears, Puppets, and Post

March at Mindport opens with Waiting for Ice, a show featuring the conservation photography of wildlife guide Drew Hamilton. As part of his guiding work, Drew documents remarkable animals in threatened habitats.  Waiting for Ice presents a collection of… Read More

In the Gallery: Wetlands (photos by Kevin Jones)

Wetland is the modern, polite scientific term for what has been known, usually derogatorily, in the past as “swamp.” Other terms that have been applied to such earthly water features are bog, marsh, and slough, to name a few…. Read More

2018 Holiday Hours

Mindport will keep our regular hours of operation over the holidays. We hope to see you soon!

In the Gallery: FORM – Collaborative Design by WWU Industrial Design Students

Join Western Washington University Industrial Design students December 7th, from 6-9, to learn about the program and how both art and engineering contribute to designing a successful product.  More than 40 students have collaborated to design and manufacture… Read More

In the Gallery: Otherness

Photos and text by Kevin Jones     When I was in my twenties I took several quarter-long photography classes. They were all taught by the same professor who, when discussing the work of various well-known photographers, frequently… Read More

Music for the Week

Thursday, October 4, 5:00 at the Pickford Film Center, Mindport Presents: The film begins at 5:00, but we’ll have some interesting sound generators to interact with before the show.  Sakamoto is a person with ears open to the… Read More

In the Gallery: Flowers

Flowers: a series of photographs welcoming and celebrating summer, by Mindport Director Kevin Jones.

In the Gallery: Three Nice Horses and a Cow

Small Wonders for the Weekend: Dry Erase Drawings that Swim

Need a simple, fun activity for the weekend?  Have a dry erase pen, a non-porous surface, and some water?  Curious about what gives dry erase pens and permanent ones their particular properties?  If so, Mindport guest blogger Ellis… Read More