Storm Wave, Indian Ocean, 1964

Things at Mindport are in flux just now, with staff members returning from vacation and leaving for vacation.

In the next couple weeks we’re expecting our leaking roof to be replaced and for the floor of our bathroom and “wash-up” area to receive a facelift.

The short-wave radio has a new antenna, one that eliminates the overwhelming static that was obliterating reception. You can actually hear a station now and then, when the ionosphere cooperates. (Short wave signal strengths are very much affected by the state of the  ionosphere, which in turn is strongly affected by time-of-day, season, sunspots and solar storms.)

John Ito is busy at work designing and building another intriguing exhibit. No projections as yet on the date of its appearance. Stay tuned!

New work of two artists is up in the gallery. We’ll get more details posted here by the end of the week. Please check back.