Color Fields

Graffiti 1

The show currently hung in Mindport’s gallery is the third group of photos I’ve shot of the evolving artwork(?) painted on the Village Point sea wall of Lummi Island.  Photographing it is a little like photographing natural erosion occurring on geologic land forms, except the time scale is human instead of geological, driven by the raging hormones of youth rather than the scratching of wind, rain, ice, and orogeny on the earth’s crust.

You might consider these images to be a spontaneous collaboration between the original “artists” and the photographer, who enhanced most of the images digitally after selectively choosing the placement of their frames.Graffiti 2

Some refer to the decorations on the sea wall as vandalism.  Others, usually the young perpetrators, have been known to label them as art.  As far as I’m concerned, the sea wall looks like a chaotic mess, a mish-mash of conflicting and mutually overriding chaos.  The uniform gray concrete wall could do with some decoration.  But I wonder – could the perpetrators coordinate their paintings with the idea of creating a meaningful aesthetic?

Kevin Jones