We’ve been making, collecting, and showing interactive and fine art exhibits since 1995. Our exhibits mix science and art, technique and expression, and physical and spiritual modes of understanding the world.

Interactive Exhibits

Our Interactive Exhibits are designed to be touched and manually manipulated.  Exhibits are created primarily by the founders and employees of Mindport, with occasional contributions by other artists. Many of the ideas are original, some we borrow and/or modify.

An in-depth look at a few of our interactive treasures

What does it take to build an exhibit?

Lots of thought, time, patience, and skill!

Fine Art Exhibits

Fine Art

Our gallery space features changing shows by Mindport and community artists, while individual pieces of drawing, photography, and sculpture are found throughout the space.

Please contact Margot Myers, Art Director, to inquire about submitting proposals for gallery shows.


LibraryVisitors may also enjoy a comfortable sitting area featuring a small collection of books devoted to a diverse range of subject material. The books aren’t available for loan, but if you want to keep reading, you may be inspired to purchase a title at a local bookstore or borrow it at the Bellingham Public Library.