In Praise of Poetry

Canned Peaches for Snack; 360; Legos; My Room; Too Short a Ride; The Squid; Orange; Parking Lot; Crushed; Madre Mia; No; Short Sexy Season; Flight, and 413 others.  Paper, ink.  Various dimensions.  

 Our front window currently houses all 426 entries from this year’s Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest.  As I come in to work, I stop and read a few poems before heading up the stairs.  It’s heartening to imagine all 426 individuals taking the time to craft these small windows into a moment, a place, a feeling, a person- and then offering them to us freely. 

Look for the winning poems from the 2010 contest inside WTA buses, and outside the walk leading to the library.  Poetry Walk, a collection of the winning poems from the past five years, is on sale at Village Books.  Proceeds help insure the longevity of the Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest.

Judging for the 2011 contest will begin next March, so now’s the perfect time to get writing!