In the Gallery: Rising Tide in Cascadia

Alan Sanders

Alan Sanders

Photographs by Alan Sanders/Concept and Commentary by Warren Sheay

January 20-

in Mindport’s Gallery

from the artist statement

The global scientific community is in virtual agreement that climate change is real and well underway, stemming from our dependence on fossil fuels.  How will it affect our own little corner of the world?

In addition to causing more droughts, heat waves and longer and more destructive wildfire seasons, rising temperatures will have a significant impact on our local bodies of water.  According to the journal Nature, ocean levels could rise six feet by 2100, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that 2,900 Whatcom County homes could be underwater by the end of this century, including 16.2% of the current housing inventory of Blaine and Birch Bay.

Our photographs illustrate the threat of climate change by comparing local coastal areas as they appear now and as they might appear in fifty years if we fail to take appropriate action.

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Alan Sanders