Making Mail at Mindport

Lovely design work by Sean Echelbarger of Echelbarger Design

For awhile now, I’ve wondered if visitors would enjoy writing a note or letter during their visit to Mindport if all the materials were provided.  Carol and Thor – veterans of community art events – reassured me that tables with art supplies tend to attract people in most venues, so we decided to give it a try.

On a blustery Saturday a few weeks ago, docents Sarah and Fiona and I dragged a folding table and a suitcase full of postal supplies down to the exhibit floor, and the Mindport Mail Station was off and running.

For three hours, a steady stream of visitors – couples on dates, dads and kids, a whole family on a road trip from Canada to the States, even a mom and nursing infant- made their own stationery and postcards, wrote notes and letters, and figured out how to type on a mechanical typewriter.  “Jab it with your finger – kind of like you jab your brother,” was heard at one point.

A number of letters and postcards were sent, and I think we all had a good time.  I certainly did.  What could be more satisfying for a snail mail enthusiast and USPS cheerleader than seeing people discuss and make mail!

The Mail Station is a bit too involved to have out on the floor ALL the time, but if you see this sign in the window, we’re open and ready for business.