Mindport Summer 2021: Masked and Fun

Signs we’re happy to see.

Ready for visitors (by appointment).

It’s been wonderful to be able to be open again. Without people bringing their good energy and interesting selves to this space, Mindport is only a whisper of what it’s meant to be. We’re relieved and happy to have visitors here hanging out, pouring marbles, launching ping pong balls, observing tornados and polar bears, asking questions and sharing stories. We appreciate all the ways patience, grace, and generosity have been extended to us as we all figure out so much that is new.

At the moment, and into the near future, we will continue to operate by appointment (Welcome Back! – MINDPORT EXHIBITS). We can welcome up to 10 people from the same household or pod at a time, with a half hour between groups for cleaning and ventilation. Masks continue to be required for everyone over age 2, regardless of vaccination status. The requirement that museums use touch tools for interactives has been lifted, but sanitized touch tools, marbles, and ping pong balls are still available for use. Our entire staff is fully vaccinated for our safety and that of our community.

Winogradsky Columns by Sam Bottman, Lea Sklarsky, and Aidan Forrest

Preparing for a color theory show in fall.

We’ve also made some changes to our admission. We recognize that people’s financial circumstances vary greatly, especially now, and have moved to a sliding scale of $0 to $10 per person. Visitors contribute what is comfortable for them, be that zero dollars or ten. We are still accepting cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.

What else is happening? We are working on plans to bring back some of our literally “hands-on” exhibits, and prototypes are in progress for new ones to come. Our gallery show, “Waiting for Ice” by photographer Drew Hamilton, features images of polar bears as they confront extended ice-free time as a result of climate change, and will remain up through September.  In October, as the light fades from local skies, a show exploring color theory will bring in some boldness and brightness. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the company of visitors here and sending some projects to be enjoyed elsewhere. We hope you are well, and to see you soon.

Native plant “leaf wheels” made by Mindport for East Whatcom Resource Center Kids Days of Summer Program. Participants had a great time making rubbings and identifications. If you’d like to borrow the wheels, please give us a call.

Prototype time – break out the cardboard!