New Photos

A new collection of photos entitled “Creek” is now hanging in Mindport’s
gallery and will be up until at least the end of August. You can find
commentary relating to this exhibit here.

This group of twenty images is one of the most abstract sets that I’ve hung at one time. Viewed casually, they seem to me to blur into
uniformity, but when I inspect each frame closely, I gradually begin to
slip into the hypnotic state of mind that I experienced during the hours
that I originally spent in the presence of the creek. Each image, reminds me of the  infinite variations of color and
patterns and how they lulled me into a pleasant dreamlike state, erasing
awareness of the passage of time. You too may find that after sitting
with these images for a spell, you begin to encounter something of the
same sensation of being in the actual presence of this creek that I do

Kevin Jones