Re-opening Update

Zoom In by Aidan Forrest

Spring and its lengthening days are slipping into Mindport.  At 6, when it’s been clear, light is still visible at the skylight and through the doors and windows. Daily, we are working our way toward opening. We have a plan for making this interactive space a safe one, but parts of that plan are difficult to execute, so while we’re making progress, we’re not quite there. If you are able to do so safely, we encourage you to visit museums that are open now, including our immediate neighbors, the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention and the Whatcom Museum of History and Art.

In a Vacuum by Lea Sklarsky

The most challenging aspect of re-opening for us is that to be in compliance with state Covid requirements, we need to disinfect all high touch shared objects after every use. In a place like Mindport, that’s just not possible, so over this year we’ve been converting some exhibits to operate with “touch tools” while building others that are “touchless”. It’s been an exercise in creativity, and we’re hoping you’ll enjoy a Mindport experience that is a mixture of old and new. When we initially pulled everything off the floor that couldn’t be used, it was quite a shock. To see the place populated with exhibits again is a good feeling.

Orbiter by Bill Lee and AnMorgan Curry/Updated by Aidan Forrest

What will be even better, is to see Mindport populated with people – one household at a time. From years of experience, we realize that staying 6 feet or more apart is a significant challenge when visiting an interactive museum! So, we’ll be having individual households sign up for appointments, with time for us to ventilate and clean in between. This will create a visit that invites more fun with less stress during a time we still need to be quite careful not to spread this virus. With warmer weather, we’ll also be able to more comfortably keep all our windows and some doors open, ensuring that as much air as possible is circulating through the space.

So, with plans in place, we are looking forward to opening our doors as soon as we can. The chance to have community members here again motivates us every day!