Small Wonders for the (New Year’s) Weekend: Envelope the Year

2015 is coming to a close, and -if you use such a thing- your 2015 wall calendar is ready to be retired.  While the recycling bin is certainly a responsible option for such a wonderful organizational tool, making homemade envelopes can be a more satisfying one (depending on who you are, and what you like, of course.)

You will need:

  • an envelope
  • an old calendar you are ready to cut up (this lovely one is by John Burgoyne*)
  • a glue stick
  • scissors
  • a pen or dark pencil


Step One: Gently pull apart the commercial envelope. This will serve as your template for your own homemade envelopes.
Step Two: Position the template on the calendar page and trace around it.
template in place
Step Three: Cut along the lines you’ve drawn.
cut out
Step Four: Fold. Use the template as your guide as needed.
Step Five: Glue the edges of three of the four flaps together.
Step Six: Address and stamp your envelope. A name tag or blank sticker works great for the address, but you can also write directly on the envelope or glue on a blank piece of paper. Just be sure to use a lot of glue, and maybe some tape as well to avoid separation of address from envelope in the mail. finished

Happy New Year!

*I sometimes feel uncomfortable about cutting up an artist’s work – even one reproduced hundreds of thousands of times -but my desire to reuse wins out in the case of calendar art and envelopes.  A nice thing to do might be to add the artist’s name somewhere to the envelope. That way whoever receives your envelope knows where to look to find the original work, and the artist is credited.