Small Wonders for the Weekend: Egg in a Bottle

egg in a bottle You may find yourself with hard-boiled eggs on hand this weekend.  If you have one to spare, we recommend this this easy and aurally satisfying science demonstration.

1 hard-boiled egg, peeled
1 clear bottle with an opening slightly smaller in diameter than the egg
scrap of paper
friend or family member

Have one person hold the scrap of paper a little out of the bottle while the second person lights the paper.  As it burns, let the paper fall into the bottle and quickly place the hard boiled egg in the mouth of the bottle.  The reduced air pressure in the bottle as it cools should quickly and easily do the rest!

(To retrieve the egg, try putting some vinegar and baking soda in the bottle.  Quickly turn the bottle upside down, positioning the egg over the opening.  The increase in air pressure inside the bottle should help that egg come right out.)

Mindport is closed this Sunday in observance of Easter (March 27), but we’ll see you Wednesday at the usual time!