Spectrum: Exercises in Perception, Inclusivity, Joy and Theory

A collection of Student Exercises. Chalk pastel on paper. Please see text below for names of participating artists.

There’s a new show in our gallery! With the upheaval inside and outside of Mindport, the show has shifted and changed over the past year and a half before finally coming together. We’re pleased with the final results, and we hope you will plan a visit to enjoy them with us.

Spectrum, a collection of works by five professional artists from the Northwest, features a diverse range of work that highlights one of our favorite art elements: Color. Christopher Hartshorne, Cat Snapp, Shelby Sneva, Mike Sonnichsen and Luke Zeiger have all created work just for this project.

Over the next several weeks, we will highlight each of these dedicated, generous artists who contributed work to this show.

Today, we’ll start with the group student piece that is also a part of Spectrum. The image above is a collection of student exercises designed to teach color control in dry media. These assignments were made by WWU Drawing I students over two years ago, when our studio classes were still in person. When installed as a group, these smaller works are transformed into a wall of brightly-hued jeweled boxes that have the illusion of coming off of the page. Students who contributed to this piece are: Sophie Anderson, Sarah Banchero, Cedar Boyd, Savannah Brown, Dillon Hamlin, Angie Dexter, Ezekiel Guzman, Sophia Lindstrom, Asaki Nelson, Laurel Peterson, Priya Shalauta, Kenzie Spangler, Peter Stiassny and Kiyoko VanWyck.

If you haven’t visited Mindport in awhile, please check out our visitor information page, where you can learn about the steps that we have taken to maintain a safe, comfortable indoor experience for the community.

Admission is currently by appointment and on a sliding scale to ensure safe access to everyone. We hope to see you soon.

-The Mindport Team