Spring Cleaning

Mindport’s tenth-year (in this location) revamp, painting, cleaning, and exhibit-shuffling session is near its end. We’re open again, most exhibits are ready for visitors, and a new show of Kevin Jones photos is hanging in the gallery. One new exhibit, a newer and larger version of “magnetic molasses” has been installed by AnMorgan and Carol. The whole staff, including docents, have put in a lot of effort on this project. When you visit, we think you’ll like what you see.

Regular followers may notice that the Blog heading has also been remodeled to reflect better what actually goes on with this blog. Over time it’s become apparent that only a couple of the eleven staff members have much interest in writing entries. We, the two writers, are more entertained by writing about the philosophical ideas relating to Mindport and its social environment, than we are by writing about Mindport’s internal daily doings. One reason for this is, in the collaborative process inherent in Mindport’s operation, there isn’t much obviously visible on a daily basis. Exhibits have a way of “coming about,” rather than being a consequence of a hard-and-fast planned process. Often, an exhibit or project which starts out being one thing becomes another, an implication of this being that most of us who build exhibits don’t care to talk about what is in process until it’s actually complete. Personally, I’ve found that the surest way to lose interest in building something is to talk much about it while it’s being conceived or built.

Judging by the statistics on our blog site, and by the questions asked by visitors in person, more people are interested in the ideas behind Mindport and in the sort of ideas that keep US interested in the ongoing collaboration which is Mindport, than are interested in descriptions of physical “daily doings.”  We do enjoy writing something about new exhibits when they show up on our floor, and we’ll certainly continue to do that, as well as announce any events of interest that happen to be imminent. But entries dealing with more philosophical subject matter, mental “daily doings,” will be our focus when something we’re reading about, seeing in the media, or thinking about inspires comment. We’re living at a pivotal point in history when the survival of the human race depends on a major change in our collective belief system. We at Mindport are acutely aware of this, and much of what we create reflects, directly or indirectly, a response to what we see going on around us, filtered through through our personal histories and a shared world view.

Mindport is about ideas, Writing about these ideas is useful to us because the process of writing has the effect of clarifying in our own minds what’s important to us and suggests future directions for our work. What we write also provides past and prospective visitors hints about the thought behind what they see exhibited on our floor.

Kevin Jones