Summer at Mindport

During this practically cloudless and rainless Pacific Northwest summer, SUN has been streaming through our doors and windows.  The air conditioner has been running, we’ve moved a precious drawing away from the front because of all the bright light, and passing canines have been making much use of the water bowl set out in the front entry.
Along with the increase in sun, there’s been an increase in Mindport visitors who are travelers from afar, and in the number of folks visiting with three generations of their family – kids, parents, and grandparents all together, generally having a relaxed and companionable time.  That’s great to see any time of year.  
The guestbook entries for the past few months show we’ve had visitors from:   
Across the United States

Up and Down the I-5 Corridor and Points West (+ Spokane!)

and… Around the World

Thanks for visiting, everyone.  May you have a safe and happy journey into autumn, and come back and see us – rain or shine.

Tallie Jones