Tetrahedra* Are Us

From this:
To this: 
On one of his forays through Western Washington University’s library, Exhibits Manager Bill Lee happened upon a series of books by Bradford Hansen-Smith.  (Hansen-Smith explores folding the circle with a passion and determination I doubt is matched by many others and has created a number of texts that provide instructions for creating an array of fascinating objects.)  Being a math enthusiast, Bill checked out one of Hansen-Smith’s books and brought it to Mindport, leading a group folding effort that has resulted in the pyramid pictured above and a few more like it.  For now, the folding continues up in the offices, but ultimately we expect to have a finished exhibit down on the floor.  
If you’re interested in exploring the folding of the circle before then, see Bradford Hansen-Smith’s website www.wholemovement.com
*A tetrahedron is a kind of polyhedron and is one of the five Platonic solids.