Mindport offers an inspiring blend of fine art and hand-built interactive exhibits to spark your awareness and stimulate your thinking.
Come explore!


Mindport re-opens Wednesday, May 18th after a lengthy and unexpected update of our heating system. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Reservations are no longer required, but we are still masking and requesting that visitors do the same. If you are at high-risk for severe illness from Covid, we offer two appointment times weekly for private visits – Fridays and Sundays from 11-12. Please click here to schedule and/or to learn more about Covid safety at Mindport.


MIND (mind) n. :

the seat of consciousness, responsible for memory, intention, thought, and physical behavior.

PORT (port) n.:

1. a safe harbor, and place of commerce;
2. a door or opening;
3. the left side of a vessel;
4. a rich, sweet, fortified wine.

MINDPORT (mind port) n.:

1. a museum of phenomena;
2. an inspiring blend of art and interactive exhibits;
3. a place to spark your awareness and stimulate your thinking;
4. a place to play and to observe.