Dear friends,
      I have some important news to share with you; after 29 years of operation, Mindport Exhibits will close permanently later this year. The exact closing date will be announced soon; however, we have committed to remaining open into the fall.
     The decision to close Mindport stems from several factors, including the retirement of founding director Kevin Jones in 2019, and the end of funding from a generous donor who has financially supported the museum for decades. Those factors present a natural stopping point for this privately owned business, and we are at peace with the decision.
     Additional news, including an update on staffing and what will happen to the exhibits and our building, can be found on our website at
I think I can speak on behalf of everyone who has been associated with Mindport over the years by saying we are so grateful to have played a part in weaving the rich cultural life in Bellingham, and we appreciate all the people who engage in and support local arts. You have made the last 29 years rewarding and fun.
     There is still time to visit Mindport and experience your favorite exhibits in the months ahead. We hope to see you here soon!
Tallie Jones, executive director

Mindport Closure

Mindport Exhibits at 210 W Holly Set to permanently close in 2024