About Mindport


Mindport is a place to explore, observe, reflect, question, reason, communicate, and play. We aim to encourage curiosity, conversation, and connection, through a space that integrates art and science, mind and body, stillness and movement.

About Mindport

​Mindport opened in downtown Bellingham in 1995 as an experimental space where intersections of art and science could be explored. Today, it continues to provide a unique environment that fosters observation, learning, and play.

Our interactive pieces are designed and hand built by our staff. These one-of-a-kind exhibits offer opportunities for discovery and education to visitors from our community and beyond.

Curated Visual Art collections rotate through our public window and our indoor galleries. Be sure to visit often for new experiences. Our mission is to delight and inspire: we look forward to your visit.

Spectrum artist Luke Zeiger. Mandala. Acrylic on Canvas 2022


Mindport is an ongoing work-in-progress, a co-creation of staff members below in interaction with our community. We also gratefully acknowledge the contributions of past staff members, and others who have donated exhibits, energy, and financial support.

For general inquiries, please contact us at (360) 647-5614 or infomp@mindport.org

Tallie Jones

Executive Director/Instructor
MP education programs

Margot Stroop

Creative Director

Kevin Jones

Founding Director

Suzanne Goodell

Publicity & Outreach Coordinator

Michael Oppenheimer

Exhibits Manager

Greg Verbarendse

Information Technology

Gloria Garcia

Spanish Language Translator

Nate Melanson

Web Development


Sam Bottman
Nicholas Gregg
Maria Larson
Caroline Laycock
Terry Nelson
Kira Schwerzler