Visiting Mindport

Visiting Mindport

Location and Hours

210 West Holly St
Bellingham, Washington 98225

Wednesday-Friday 12-6
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 12-5

Admission Price

We know that individual financial circumstances vary greatly, especially right now. Admission is currently set at a sliding scale price from $0-$10 per visitor. Your financial support helps to sustain our operations and programs. We do not want admission prices to be a barrier for anyone. Thank you for paying what you are able.

The Bellingham Public Library and Mindport Exhibits have partnered to offer free passes for library patrons. You can sign up for a free pass on the Library’s Museum Pass web page.  A Museum Pass allows free entry for up to 4 people, valid for use on the date selected when registering. Each family is eligible for a pass every 60 days.

Mindport is privately funded by individuals and by proceeds from admissions. We do not receive money from any public source, such as the city of Bellingham, State or Federal Government. Monies from any source support only Mindport’s operations and programs. We welcome and appreciate donations of any amount, though donations are not tax-deductible.

Finding Mindport

Car: From the I-5 Lakeway Exit, go west on Lakeway Drive (in the opposite direction of the foothills). Continue on Holly Street, heading down hill toward downtown. Mindport is on the right between Commercial and Bay Streets. Total distance from the Lakeway Exit to Mindport is approximately 1 mile. Street parking is $1/hour 11am to 6pm Monday through Saturday. Public parking garages and lots are free on the weekends and between 5pm and 8am on weekdays.

Bus: The downtown bus terminal is approximately four blocks from Mindport. From the station, travel south on Railroad Ave and turn right on W. Holly St. For closer access, Routes 3, 50, and 232 stop two blocks from Mindport. Chose the Champion @ Grand Ave stop or the Champion @ Prospect St stop.

Bike: There are marked bike lanes on both Magnolia St. and W. Chestnut St. and plenty of places to lock up a bike in high-traffic areas.


Mindport is a wonderful location for a group visit. We would love to schedule your visit ahead of time if your group is larger than 10
people. Plan to stay with the children in your care during your visit. We appreciate your observation of these ratios:

  • Under age 5: 1 adult – 1 child
  • Elementary age: 1 adult – 4 children
  • Age 11 and older: 1 adult to 6 youths


These are the preparations we have made to be sure that Mindport is accessible to everyone. If we have overlooked something, or if you need assistance during your visit, please let us know.

Our ground-level floor is wheelchair accessible. We consider ergonomic placement for our rotating artwork and our interactive exhibits. Docents may be able to provide additional implements for some of our interactive pieces upon request. There is a slight transition in floor heights in our exhibit space. The two sections are connected in two different ways: by a single shallow stair that is equipped with lights and a handrail as well as a shallow incline ramp.

We have two public restrooms that meet ADA requirements, one of which includes a wheelchair-accessible changing table. Seating and an extra sink are available just outside of the restrooms.

There are benches placed throughout Mindport, with additional chairs near the restroom and in our library space. Breastfeeding is welcome.

Many of our exhibits make quiet to moderate volume sounds, and some feature changing light patterns. There are loose rocks and marbles used in many displays. One exhibit uses a strong magnet and is labeled with a red warning sign. Docents can identify the location of any of these exhibits upon your arrival.

We have several designated quiet areas for guests who may need time or space to themselves for brief periods. It is also just fine to step outside and then return once everyone is prepared to engage with the space again.

Admission is waived for Caregivers accompanying guests with disabilities.

Community Health

We encourage everyone to stay home when sick to help keep our community healthy. Adult and child-sized masks are available here to anyone who would like one. Our staff cleans and disinfects all high-touch surfaces and marbles daily. We also ask that everyone washes their hands before enjoying our interactive exhibits. This helps keep the exhibits clean and working well. Thank you!​