MarbellousMindport is a place to explore, observe, reflect, question, reason, communicate, and play. We aim to encourage curiosity, conversation, and connection, through a space that integrates art and science, mind and body, stillness and movement.

Since our founding in 1995 by three Lummi Islanders with varied backgrounds in electrical and computer engineering, marine biology, woodworking, and photography, we’ve been driven to offer an experience that affirms our belief that art and science are merely different aspects of the whole – art being as fully a legitimate and important a perspective on reality as science. Mindport reflects our view that art and science are two ways of putting the world together in our minds, both of them necessary for wholeness – of the individual and of society.

Exhibit-AWe hope the accessibility of Mindport’s exhibits, and the setting in which they reside, will encourage our visitors to continuously explore their own creative impulses, and the wonder of the physical world, both at Mindport and beyond.


Mindport Staff
Mindport is an ongoing work-in-progress, a co-creation of staff members listed below. We also gratefully acknowledge the contributions of past staff members, and others who have donated exhibits, energy, and financial support.

For general inquiries, please contact:
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Kevin Jones – Director, Visit the Director’s page,

AnMorgan Curry – Art Director
Tallie Jones – Education Director
Bill Lee & Mark Day – Exhibits Managers
Suzanne Goodell – Publicity & Outreach Coordinator


Kryssanne Adams
Sam Bottman
Gloria Garcia
Maria Larson
Margot Myers
Terry Nelson
Emma Oppenheimer
Hannah Rivers
Warren Sheay
Zach Sylvester