Hello, Everyone!
We have our first ever Call for Proposals for a new exhibit at Mindport.

We think it is time to talk about the housing instability we are seeing everywhere right now, and we want creative input from members of our community. Are you a writer, an artist, a musician, a performer or a person who wants to present or lead a discussion about this problem? Do you have creative ways to think about this health crisis, and its potential solutions?

Please read our Call on the Opportunities page for Dreamhouse: dwelling in fantasy. Here you will find a full description of the show, an explanation what may be possible in our space and instructions to apply to this opportunity. There is no cost to apply.

The timeline is as follows:
September 20   All proposals for participation are due
September 30   Responses to all submissions sent
Jan 1, 2024   Installation and scheduling of events begins

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact our creative director, Margot Stroop. margot@mindport.org
We look forward to hearing from you!