Hello, Mindport Mail Art Fans.

We have some exciting news for you! Correspondence Club is back!  The next meeting will be on Saturday, February 11 from 10:30-12:30. Correspondence club is hosted by Tallie, who sends this message:

We meet (so soon) again for scissor, glue, and paper time. Valentine creations are never required, but possible if desired! Please feel free to share the invitation and accept my apologies for the short notice and quick turn around these days. I hope to give everyone more notice in the months to come. Thank you for your patience.

Please wear a surgical or Kn95 mask (we have them here if you need one) and wash hands on arrival. We will spread out as needed and serve snacks on the deck or adjoining space. Avoiding scented products is also important for keeping the space accessible. Thank you!

If stairs limit your access to this event, please let me know.
Questions? tallie@mindport.org/360-647-5614