Colored Shadows

This new exhibit is made of a set of three primary-colored lights on moveable arms mounted to a triangular-shaped table. The exhibit demonstrates the subtractive quality of color mixing that happens with light. There are a series of variables that you can play with on the table. You can move the lights closer or further from the white surface, you can swing the arms and direct the light at various angles, and finally, you can manipulate the intensity of each light or turn it off altogether. You can also play with various objects to create shadows in different colors on the surface. This piece was a collaboration between our exhibits builder, Michael Oppenheimer, our creative director, Margot Stroop and a local craftsman Chris Hurlow of Yeomalt Designs. It’s the culmination of many hours of designing, fabricating, wiring, and experimenting in the shop. It is an exhibit that is fun, educational and beautiful, too. Creating it has been a real pleasure, and we hope that you will love it as much as we do.

It opens a window into the complexity and wonder of human color perception.  It’s remarkable that with just three color receptors in the human eye, we’re able to perceive about 1 million colors. How many different hues and shades will you be able to make? Come find out!